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Use our website to search for bail bond companies by location. Our listings make it easy to find an agency serving the county or city that your loved one is incarcerated in. 

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After searching for local bail bondsmen, learn more by comparing services, reviews, and full profiles of each company. Pay special attention to "Best of Bail" listings as they must meet strict quality guidelines and have a proven track record of quality and trust. Read more about our member guidelines below.

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Once you find an agency that you like, contact them to get more information. Each one of the pre-screened agencies in this directory will be happy to answer your questions, and Best of Bail members have proven themselves to be trustworthy agencies.

Life Get's Scary:

My phone vibrates on the nightstand. It’s 1:30 am. With a slow groggy slap I try to turn off what I think is the alarm. It’s not an alarm, someone is calling. Who would be calling in the middle of the night? My eyes are practically sealed shut I’m so tired, I take the call. A trembling voice whispers through the line, it’s my son, he sounds scared. Something bad has happened. He’s in jail!           

Suddenly I’m sitting upright in bed, my heart is pounding, and my bones feel like ice. My voice wavers even more than my son’s. He assures me he’s okay, but he needs help. He didn’t want to call, he’s sorry, but if he misses another day of work he’s going to be fired. I had no idea things had gotten so bad, I’m shaking all over. Listening to him talk, I hear that little boy; the boy who asked for forgiveness when he broke the window, who apologized for fighting with his sister and picked her flowers from the yard, the boy who asked for money so he could do right by his girlfriend and his own little son. He's a man now, but I hear that boy asking again, this time he is asking - Please bail me out. I would do anything for him, I will do anything I can. I’ll get him out.             

"It’s 1:38 am, and I’m on my phone in bed, trying to find bail."

I don’t know the first thing about this. There’s a bunch of companies that come up. The first one has a few good reviews, I call them. No one answers. The second one looks okay, but the woman on the phone is rude and condescending… I feel like she’s accusing me for raising a son who was thrown in jail. I can hear it in her voice, the judgement and annoyance.             

How Things Should Be:

The third call is a warm voice, an agent tells me everything is going to be okay, that they’ll have my son out in no time. That voice is the first confident thing I’ve heard or felt during my mad rush. I can tell the agent has done this a thousand times, but I can also tell that he wants to help. He’s patient, and walks me through the whole process. Finally, I realize my hands are no longer shaking, and my voice must have been shaking too because the agent says. “See, I told you everything is going to be okay.” And I believe him. He meets me at the jail first thing in the morning. I’m a wreak, but the agent looks energized. He sits me down with a warm smile and we go through the paperwork.             

My son is out in a few hours, and hugging him feels just like picking him up when he’d fallen off his bike as a kid. I tell him I’ll always be there to pick him up when he falls down, no matter what… and I can see in his face a relief that makes the entire night of stress melt away in an instant.             

The agent says he’s going to stay at the jail, he’s got more people to help. My son and I thank the agent, and go back our lives - a little shaken, but a little bit closer too.             

FindBail's Mission:

"Our mission at FindBail is to make as many of the above stories a reality as possible."

Finding a bail agency you can trust is absolutely essential in making what should be an extremely stressful and scary process, into something manageable and understandable. We’ve made it our mission to help people Find Bail agencies that care about their customers, that care about the people in jail, and care about their communities. Agencies that are dedicated to helping people, and their community.             

A Sad Truth:

More often than not the above story couldn’t be farther from the truth. Finding a good bail agency is actually really hard. A quick search online will show a DOZEN different bondsmen or agencies. How can you tell if they’re trustworthy? Reviews are mixed, or just seem too good be true. Some people love them, others report on the terrible experience they’ve had.             

Scams and predatory bondsmen who charge hidden fees or aggressively pursue payment are an unfortunate reality. It’s agencies like this who have given the bail industry a bad reputation. Even though there are many predatory bail agents, there are still good agencies out there.             

"For every 1 good agency out there, there are 10 who are trying to make a quick buck."

Sounds bad right? Despite this, there is still 10% of bondsmen who are in this for the right reason. They’re in it because they’re passionate about helping good people in bad situations. But you’re not going to call 10 bondsmen at 1 in the morning until you find that agency are you? You’re going to call the first three you find online, and unfortunately, the good agencies aren’t always on the top.             

"We help people find agents that they can trust."

Not All Agencies Are Equal: 

After working with agents across the country for many years we've learned that not all agencies are created equal. Many agents use predatory tactics like lowball offers and bait and switch. They don't provide you with the full story, they don't educate you on the process, and they will be very aggressive about payment.             

"How do you know if an agency is honest?"

How do you know they'll provide you with what you need? In today's online atmosphere even disreputable and downright scammy agents can pay for advertisements or manipulate search engines to appear on top. If you can't turn to the internet to find a reputable bondsman, where can you go? Chances are you can't, or you just don't want to ask friends or family about bail agents.           

Best of Bail:

This is where we come in. Searching for online bail bonds through FindBail is the best option. As a leading bail bond directory, we strive to work with quality bail bond companies who take care of their clients. Each and every one of the Best of Bail agents we work with is licensed, trustworthy, and truly cares about the people who contact them. This is extremely valuable, which is why we created this site.             

"Best of Bail members must be dedicated to community efforts and customer service."

Their websites show the lead agent's or owner's picture and many times pictures of their staff. No hiding behind a website and anonymity. They have an online aggregated review score above 80% or 4 stars and enough reviews for this score to carry weight. They actively respond to customer complaints.             

Lastly, Best of Bail members usually have a minimum of 3 agents including the owner. Despite what some people may think, larger agencies are often far more trustworthy than a single agent outfit. They process bail day in and day out, and only owners dedicated to providing quality services can grow and survive in the very competitive bail industry.             

With our rigorous pre-screening we’ve done the hard work of finding you an agency that you don’t have to worry about.            

So go ahead. | Search our site. | And FindBail!


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